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experiments with felt tip pens

Okay so I decided to let the inner child out for an evening and use some felt tip pens for a while, they have never really rated high on my list of favourite materials but, what the hay I used to use them for doodling all the time so I thought I’d give them a shot.


Being inspired by a book I was bought called “Handmade Graphics” by Anna Wray it has all kinds of work in by graphic designers and artists who use materials ranging from felt tip pens, print, textiles thought to paper models and other crafts. All artists make work or create items by hand giving the work a Lo fi and cut and stick appearance which is rough and ready but O’ so awesome.

Two of the artists who really stuck out for me were Holy Wales, who uses a range of materials including felt tip pens to create urban scenes in bright colours and recreates other famous items in her own style… I love the way her work looks realistic but also appears as if  it has been coloured quickly at the place of observation her images have real energy!! check them out here and Emily Robertson who has a tutorial in the book explaining in a step by step guide how to create an image of a robin using different shading and drawing techniques using coloured pens only this is what inspired me mostly to have ago, my images are no way near as dainty as Emily’s though. See Emily’s work on her website here



Teddy Bear(Jeff no doubt!!) gets a make over.

One shopping trip during Uni a long time ago, my friend Heidi found a couple of calico teddy bears which were ready to decorate.  Mine sat around endlessly during my third year as work continued to pile up. He has travelled around with me ever since, all plain and boring…so I decided with heidi’s birthday on the way he needed sprucing up and giving back to her with a new make over….so with a Rub-a-Dub sharpie at the ready here is what happened….  bear1