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Stalking Elk magazine issue 4 – The Dream Issue

Hi all, it’s so nice to be back at the computer and able to type again.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I know, I am for one looking forward to saying goodbye to 2011 and embracing 2012 with open arms.
Christmas was a stressful time for me as I underwent some wrist surgery meaning a lot of projects got put on hold or in the case of my Christmas cards for 2011, got abandoned altogether which was a massive shame. On the upside at least I can continue from where I left off in the near future. One project I did however get to finish before the Christmas break was some collage illustrations for Stalking Elk Magazine.

front cover

Stalking Elk Magazine was started by friends, Kit Caless and Chris Smisson they state why they wanted to create this magazine on their website by saying “We make Stalking Elk so you don’t have to. No, that’s a lie. We make Stalking Elk because we want to create a magazine that makes you laugh and acts as a platform for writers and illustrators who don’t get an audience because the world is too damn serious. Everyone likes jokes but very few publications are willing to base their entire magazine on them. It’s something we’re really proud of and something we think is adding a positive contribution to people’s lives rather than existing in that negative space of the ironic ‘Nothing’. We’re not going to slag of other publications by name, but there’s only so much sneering and fashion crap we can take before reaching for the chainsaw and heading to Shoreditch on a decapitation binge.” So as you can tell the magazine is a very upbeat and funny publication.
What is also great about this mag is that it is printed and you can actually buy a physical copy, which I really like and it’s also great way to showcase some up and coming writers and illustrators like me.

So my illustrations were to accompany and article about a Dream Academy it was written by Peter William Taylor.  Below are my three illustrations, I chose to pick out parts of the article I found the funniest and this is what I arrived at.  To see larger versions of these images please visit my website at www.kareen.co.uk and go to the portfolio section.

final page

You can also support these guys and all the writers and illustrators who do this purely of their own backs for love by purchasing copies and back copies of the magazine from www.stalkingelk.co.uk or just check out the website to see what it’s all about.